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COVID-19 has affected everyone in one way or another. Amidst all the negativity and chaos though many positive and exciting things are happening all over the place. Especially in the world of technology.  This week in the news we have a $10 billion investment, five business benefits to grow your business, and a major company tells employees to delete a social media App. 


All this and more in this week’s technology news below. 


1. CIO are hitting us with a great featured article about data analytics.  

“Why data analytics initiatives still fail.” 



2. CIO presents the biggest digital transformation key goal in this article.  

“Reshaping Customer Experience to Spearhead Digital Transformation.” 





3. Entrepreneur.com takes the professional world into a new age with free webinars.  

“Free Webinar: Using Digital Transformation To Adapt To Today’s New Normal.”



4. Tech Mahindra launches a brand new digital platform for the global media and entertainment industry.  

“Tech Mahindra to launch blockchain-based platform for media & entertainment.”



5. ITPro provides us with five great benefits of using hyper-convergence systems.  

“Five business benefits of hyper-convergence.” 



6. Major news out of Wells Fargo as they tell their employees to delete a popular app.  

“Wells Fargo tells employees to delete TikTok from their company devices.” 



7. Deloitte gives us a whole new meaning to Digital Transformation.  

“Digital transformation in life sciences” 



8. Economic Times releases the details to the TCS expansion partnership with Tryg.  

“TCS Expands Decade Long Partnership With Tryg.”





9. Entrepreneur provides 3 easy ways to become a better business leader in the digital world.  

“3 Ways Digital Adoption Can Make You a Better Business Leader.”



10. CNN reports Google will invest billions into India in the tech sector.  

“Google will invest $10 billion in India over the next few years.”



The world is changing every day and if we don’t stay up to date with the trends, we can quickly be left behind. Technology will get us through these difficult times but the people behind it are just as important. We must continue to foster an open mind and welcome the changes as we navigate through these moments of evolution.

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