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We are seeing a lot of growth in the digital transitional industry. It’s important to have leaders stepping up while our sector begins to transform. While companies are learning to adapt to the new digital world, we’re also seeing this being adopted due to COVD-19. This week in technology news we have 10 billion deals, three keys to digital transformation, the agricultural sector takes a huge step in the right direction, and Google announces a major seven-year deal.


All this and more in this week’s technology news below.

1) According to Venture Beat, AI-Powered startup looks to expand cloud software with increased funding. The robotic process automation (RPA) startup looks to scale up its platform and deepen its investments. 

“UiPath raises $225 million to automate repetitive back-office tasks” 


2) Google is set to make the biggest commitment to investments for the next seven years. The plan is to focus on the rapid pace growth of software and apps in Asia. 

“Google announces $10 billion ‘digitization fund’ for India” 


3) As the software industry continues to expand, it’s important to be self-aware as your business grows. TechCrunch refreshes us on new strategies on becoming a leader in 2020.

“Speeding up software development: 5 tips for becoming a leader” 


4) Business Wire reports the oil and gas industry is poised to grow exceptionally. The digital transformation is segmented into two sections with technology and geographic landscape. Click the link below to learn more. 

“COVID-19 Impact & Recovery Analysis- Digital Transformation Market in the Oil and Gas Industry 2019-2023 | Need for Technologies in Exploration Activities to Boost Growth | Technavio.”


 5) COVID-19 has caused a spread of uncertainty and job loss across the business industry. Although, midsize companies are thriving in the digital transformation industry by creating new jobs by 60%.

“Why COVID-19 hasn’t stopped digital transformation at midsize companies.” 


6) A survey says companies who are mature in digital transformation are 26% more profitable.  Forbes lists the keys to success in the digital transformation industry. 

“Three Keys To Digital Transformation.” 


7) The agricultural sector embraces the digital transformation industry to enhance smart precision farming for maximized and optimized food production.

“Novel Innovations Facilitating Digital Transformation of Agricultural Sector” 


8) COVID-19 has taught the business world to take a deeper dive into digital transformation rather than taking baby steps. Entrepreneur tells us how we should speed up our Digital Transformation now!  

“Why You Should Speed Up Your Digital Transformation During the Crisis.” 


9) After we sped up the digital transformation due to COVID-19, it’s important to implement this as a skill when universities are adopting predominant virtual teaching and remote working.

“COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of higher education.”


10) Multi-Cloud is more flexible and reduces costs while adopting this strategy for digital transformation can be beneficial.  

“Accelerating Digital Transformation through Multi-Cloud Adoption.” 


After all the changes happening in the digital transformation industry. It’s important to stay up with the news and adapting to new exciting ways. If we don’t, you’ll already be a step behind the entire industry. It’s important to educate ourselves and stay up to date with the trends. 

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