Best Practices That Will Help You Avoid Web Application Development Issues


Web apps are quickly becoming the backbone of modern business. Not only do they bring tremendous value to customers, but they also can optimize the workflow in the company and increase productivity. Of course, this is only true for apps that were designed with user needs in mind. Below is the list of web application best practices to make sure your development process stays on track and delivers on the expectations.

The Basics: What Is a Web App?

Before we can delve into the specifics of business web application development, there’s one important distinction to get out of the way – the difference between web apps and websites. Generally speaking, a website is a collection of pages that are interconnected but mostly static. That is, they are not intended for interaction but rather for presenting the information.

Web apps, on the other hand, are fully functional applications hosted on the web. These range from social networks and streaming services to collaboration platforms. Because they are accessible via a web browser, they can be confused with websites. However, websites only serve static content, while web apps are dynamic and allow real-time interaction with data.

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Most pros and cons of web apps stem from their dynamic nature. They essentially combine the best from both mobile apps and websites by being:

  1. User-friendly
  2. Easily discovered online
  3. Cross-platform
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Easy to maintain and update
  6. Accessible from any Internet-connected device

Now, such feature-rich and customizable products certainly require more time and effort to develop. This is especially true for enterprise web development, which requires a professional dev team to create a secure and practical solution and avoid challenges associated with enterprise mobility.

Web Application Best Practices

Just to clarify, the term “best practices” is used quite liberally by people on different ends of the process. For those who already have hands-on experience with web development, the question will boil down to isolating dependencies and organizing the codebase. On the other hand, managers and business owners are more interested in maximizing team performance through the potential of digital solutions. The list below leans towards simplicity so that it would be relevant for web development services and entrepreneurs without going into too much detail on either side.

Prioritize Security

Modern web apps collect an enormous amount of data to power business intelligence and create an exceptional user experience. Neglecting the safety of this data is a massive blow to the reputation of the service and, by extension, the organization as a whole. In this light, things like database protection and permission allocation should be prioritized in enterprise web development to uphold the brand image and avoid financial losses.

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Stay Simple

Showering users with a plethora of customization options may seem a viable way to boost engagement but it can only take you so far. Eventually, confusion and frustration creep in and, before you know it, you start losing your audience. So the key here is to focus on usability and simplicity. In fact, simple apps can be more engaging than feature-rich ones by being:

  • User-friendly
  • Accessible
  • Less prone to human error
  • Visually attractive
  • Light on system resources

Of course, simplicity should not get in the way of usability. So, to strike a balance between the two, Toronto web development companies start by determining the needs of users and using this knowledge to guide the development process.

Choose the Right Development Framework

No matter how simple you want your web application to be, the development process is still going to be complex. This is especially true for enterprise web development, where numerous interconnected tasks need to be tightly integrated and presented through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. So your team should come equipped with the best web framework for enterprise applications to streamline the development process and focus on the quality of the final product.

Mind the Mobile

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One of the main advantages of web apps is the ability to work on any system with an Internet browser. That is, as long as the device allows for smooth and convenient interaction. Prior to the rise of mobile devices, this was not an issue, as all interactions were made using essentially the same interfaces. Nowadays, failing to design for touchscreens means missing out on a massive chunk of the audience, so make sure your web app looks and feels right on a mobile device.

Analyze and Communicate Change

No matter how high the level of web application development in Ottawa has achieved, it would be unreasonable to expect a flawless software product in one run. In the case of an enterprise-grade project, web application development issues are guaranteed to creep in due to the sheer complexity of the task. So, as in every other aspect of digital transformation, continuous analysis-driven improvement should be a part of the process. Similarly, communication with stakeholders is valuable for maintaining a sense of direction.

Concluding Thoughts

There are many ways to approach web app development, and the best practices mentioned here are only a glimpse into some of them. Chances are, your project will have unique challenges that would render most of the above irrelevant. Fortunately, for those unfamiliar with the intricacies of web development Canada can offer exceptional services ready to assist you on the path to enterprise mobility.

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