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How We Increased Productivity by 27%


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In order to speed up and simplify scanning, recognition, handling, coordination, quality test and centralized storage of documents (credit files), “VTB” Bank decided to introduce and customize a complex system for stream scanning, storage and handling of specialized documents and SC BankNT integration.


Files storage system

This module provides you with the possibility to store scanned documents on the server in a network folder. At the same time, there are only links to documents in Database Management.

Administering module

Main functions:

  • Creation/changes of documents types;
  • Creation/changes of products;
  • Creation/changes of requirements for credit files;
  • Access permission delimitation to documents based on CRM users and EDMS roles.

Documents module

The main module to work with credit files according to the process model declared.

This module gives the opportunity to check correspondence with clients’ cards, attach electronic documents from credit files, and check documents coordination process.

Recognition subsystem

This module responds for stream scanning and credit files text recognition.Stream scanning is based on the principle that when a document is registered the barcode is applied over it.

Search module

This module is aimed at documents search according to their data and contents. The module is based on Sphinx search machine, which indexes data stored in EDMS and file storage and accomplishes further search according to the index created.

Two-sided online-cooperation module

This module represents a service for integration with some future bank systems.

Productivity Growth

Less time on credit applications.


Sales Increase

Due to marketing new feature online.


User Growth

One quarter post-launch.


Cost Savings

On Average. 


Client Satisfaction

ITM House had a remarkable grasp of the complex document management system that we needed them to develop. They understood security requirements, our efficiency needs, and many other industry-specific details that other developers likely wouldn’t.

Doroshkevich Sergey – CTO 

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