Understanding New Software Product Development Process


Can you imagine a life without internet technologies? We sure don’t want to. Software products have long become part of our everyday experience and without it life as we know it would be drastically different. 

The case is, rolling out a new software product to the ever growing market is not easy and digital leaders should be on top of all the related processes and best practices to deliver good results. Let us take you through the new software product development process step by step for you to understand the steps to take. 

Software Product Development Stages

1. Brainstorming

How you start your product development is really up to you, but we recommend a few brainstorming sessions with your team to start off. The first stage of the new product development process is brainstorming. Let all ideas be proposed and given equal time and attention for consideration. Don’t reject any ideas just yet, but float as many as you can and see which attract the most interest. 

Once you’ve chosen one or two main ideas to focus on, you can start developing a plan of action in view of the market research and the latest tech trends. Creating a detailed plan at the beginning will help you understand the scope of your project, help you determine timeframes and solutions, and much more. Go into as much detail as possible, that way you can minimize the surprises waiting for further along in the process.

2. Feasibility Analysis

how much does it cost to develop a new product

At this stage you’ll want to flush out all parts of your plan in greater detail as well as carry out a feasibility analysis. Your team needs to understand the goals of the project, what will be needed to complete them, and whether or not this is possible.

A feasibility analysis should cover all aspects of the development process, such as time, resources, project cost and estimated profit, and allows avoiding major digital transformation mistakes. It will help you answer questions like, how much does it cost to develop a new product, and, do we have the resources to complete this project in time? It’s also a good time to identify any risks and begin implementing strategies to minimize them. The feasibility analysis is an important step that must be completed before moving on to design. 

3. Design

Designing the software is a crucial step in the new software product development process. In this step, the specific software is created according to the project demands. New product development project is built from the ground up, beginning with rough outlines and

culminating with prototypes for testing and evaluation. Once the design is determined, you can proceed to development. 

4. Development

The stage of development involves coding and converting what was designed into real software. This is usually the longest stage in the process as well as one of the most crucial. The software development team has to write code according to the specs as well as meet the client’s requirements. The software then goes through several stages to resolve any development issues until it’s finally ready for testing. 

5. Testing

Once the software has been completed, it’s time to begin testing it. At this stage, the team tests the software in several ways, to include functionality, user experience, and systems integration. Such tests are done to make sure that there are no abnormalities in the code and that the software is keeping in line with the originally planned goals. If you are using DevOps on the project, the development and testing stages will run simultaneously. Once all the bugs have been worked out , it’s time to deploy the software. 

6. Deployment

the first stage of the new product development process is

At this stage, the software is implemented. The product may be released all at once or it may be released in stages, depending on the scope of the new product development project. Analysts and consumers can now try out the software for real. 

7. Maintenance

The last stage of the new software product development process involves maintaining and updating the software. This stage is very important because it is here that the software is given its final touches and adjusted to the testing results. It’s the ideal time to adjust the software based on the user’s needs and come with new ways to meet them. 

Benefits of New Software Product Development

The software product development process is a way to get a big group of people to work together on the same shared project. Following such a collaborative process, although time consuming, will ultimately give you a better product and faster delivery times. 

By following all the steps from start to finish, the product development process provides many benefits, including 

  • creation of a quality product for revenue generation; 
  • Increase of the market share;
  • the opportunity to expand to your regions or target a new audience; 
  • boosting the culture of innovation in your team.


Although the new software product development process varies from business to business, it’s main focus is to give clients the highest quality product that meets and even exceeds their expectations. Keep in mind that this is just a rough outline, the software product development process can be adjusted and steps skipped depending on the product and goals of the company. 

For over a decade, our team at ITM House has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes transform and innovate to be successes in the current digital marketplace. Offering a full range of solutions for everything from mobile app development to digital transformation consulting, we pride ourselves in our ability to meet even the most demanding expectations. Feel free to contact us at itmhouse.com for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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