Seed to Sale


The solution required multiple stages to complete across a single system. Each problem, and the respective module which solved it, is explored below.

Investor Summary
The medical marijuana industry is on the cusp of momentous change. Grow facilities are expanding through Ontario, and seed-to-sale software systems are being developed to fulfill the demand and growth. All of them have one fatal flaw. It is their average status, lacking any customized support. An off-the-shelf software system can’t hold up to the possibilities of custom and tailor-made seed-to-sale software.

A Custom Strategy
Our Mobile Responsive Seed-to-Sale System catapults you ahead of the competitors who are relying on compressed on-denominator͟ systems of backend seed-to-sale management. You can achieve optimal results while tracking every pertinent detail. It’s also a delicate industry, which is why our system also achieves 100% compliance with the government in the current environment of medical marijuana. We guarantee a private and protected network for automated recalls, inventory tracking, sales, and other components in the seed-to-sale process.

We integrate concise strategies to manage:
• Plant Growth
• Sales Orders
• New Patients
• Waste Reports
• Dry Loss
• Prescription Numbers
Client History
• Contact Information

Other aspects are included. The easy to navigate system manages to infuse all the above data points into an accessible framework. Users and staff members will also have no problem working in the unified system. Add client details with ease, commit to new follow-ups, and add notes as desired. All of this information can easily be verified and reviewed for perfect compliancy. This can appear in a visible diagram, which is essentially an immediate snapshot of orders, contact information, and current status of each individual client. Changes will appear in the software as imminent. The clinic will be privy to any adjustments or changes to prescriptions or other details.

What happens when complaints are issued? These will also appear as flagged items of note, encouraging you to act quickly through a platform for clear display all client concerns.

Moving Through the Three Phases:Growing, Batching and Sale
The growth models can be adjusted to accommodate any room set-up or workflow process. Users who have a separate plant for mothers can have a room dedicated to initial mothering. Users who seek to establish new plants from pre-existing seeds can find seamless integration with the seed-to-sale software. The overall flow accounts for any vital questions. These include the starting location of the plant and the seed concurrently, the bar coding location, and the finishing procedure.

Customization to Fit Room LayoutYou need a customized seed-to-software platform to fit your unique layout and design flow. Every facility differs due to timing differences, seeding processes, drying lengths and allocation, testing periods, including length and quantity, and a myriad number of other elements.
We take your standard operating procedure as a baseline. We then configure the platform to accommodate that workflow, while making suggestions and other changes to expedite processes and streamline various phases.
We also ensure that all compliance is met and substantiated. You can obtain insight into all areas through waste tracking. You can even review the possibility of waste removal and sifting, potentially lifting and recovering plants that were accidently trashed. You review all strains as they enter and leave the workflow. Manual oversight is essential to assisting the automated systems along.
You have a massive amount of data for reference, which is all presented in digestible stages. Find what data you want, respond to it, and move along.

Inventory and Sales
The workflow layout is a major aspect of your system, but inventory and sales is equally vital. This part of your system tracks payments and sales as they arise. It also sets up shipping packaging needs as orders come through, creating a nice transition from the order to the response.
The software is integrated with virtually any major shipping carrier. All of the major outlets will respond to real-time updates through the software, specifying to your team when shipment leaves the facility and when it arrives.
The inventory details all orders, including converted orders from bulk, individual orders, single-times, pre-packaged, and others. The inventory function also displays when full capacity is nearing. With this alert, you can respond accordingly. This means you are always within 100% government compliance.
Your facility will run more efficiently through these streamlined systems of inventory and control management.

Customer Dmitry Frolov

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