Moving Industry Is Going Mobile, And You Should Too!


The moving industry is moving. It grows, develops and transforms every year. The past year was diverse: on the one hand, logistics stopped for a moment; on the other hand, the stagnation and human factor turned the lemon into lemonade for movers across the globe. The moving industry trends have changed multiple times in the last couple of years, but one thing is for sure – everyone goes mobile. Let’s see why this trend is here, why should any mover be concerned, and how to introduce it into your operations.

Moving Industry News of 2021

Moving industry statistics is interesting and yet confusing at the same time. For example, 9.8% of Americans moved in the whole year of 2019. In the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 16 mln people relocated, which is 600,000 people more than during the same period the year before. And while some data say that the industry has been showing a relatively steady growth over the past ten years, other sources would insist on the industry’s continuous decline for the last 70+ years. The numbers can be puzzling because everything depends on an angle, but there is one thing for sure – COVID-19 has changed the world and the moving industry once and for all.

The USPS data show that 26.73% more people changed their address temporarily in 2020, and it is projected that in 2021, 39% of the industry growth will be generated from residential moving. Thus, while movers were focusing on international and interstate relocations of the business world in the past years, 2021 is already drawing their attention towards small-scale consumers and even DIY relocations.

The new tech innovations that boomed in the industry are already disrupting service providers. With social distancing in place and the constant need for disinfection of all surfaces, many people prefer remote connection with the moving industry and close-contact minimization. As a result of such restrictions and precautions worldwide, every mobile app development company in Toronto already feels the increasing flow of interest in their mobile solutions. And considering that the moving services market in the US alone should grow by $1.95 billion in 2021, it is just the right time to join the 2% CAGR in 2021 and start converting ideas into real money.

Why do movers need to join the force of mobility?

Let’s get to the numbers again. There were 3.6 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2020, and  the number is projected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2023. While it has been known for a while, it is still worth reiterating: more than a half of active internet users surf mostly via mobile phones (54.83%), while the number of desktop users has been steadily decreasing during the last decade. Mobile phones are the future of this world; no wonder the mobile-first approach has already been dominating the world of business for the past couple of years.

The moving industry entirely depends on its customers. And since people tend to use an app to find movers rather than websites or phonebooks, it is high time to become a part of this developing and growing trend. Now, it is also essential to understand that while mid-sized and small businesses in the moving industry still hesitate about investing time and money into the moving industry software development, moving industry trends get established by the tech giants. Here it’s worth noting the delivery drones by Amazon or vehicles without drivers, the technology that quietly yet steadily steps into the domain of moving companies. And if a mover does not activate its tech-savviness today, one day it might be too late for them as tech giants can and eventually will overtake delivery services completely. So far, when people still have trust issues with such futuristic ideas, the moving industry stands a chance to protect its niche by implementing the best moving app in Canada.

Apps to use for moving: features and benefits

How companies and customers can benefit from movers app solution

The first part of this article outlined the reasons why a business today needs to develop on-demand packers and movers app. But the implementation of software is truly beneficial for both sides: the company and its clients. In short, a business owner receives a more convenient tool to manage the business in one place; while a client gets an efficient application that is convenient to use and efficient when it comes to the process, payments, and service delivery. So let’s look at the top benefits of a movers app solution.

Note! One can consider two types of moving industry software here: “native” moving and packing applications for individual businesses and mobile aggregator apps, which work like a marketplace for moving services. Both types can provide the benefits below.

Benefits for business

  • Customer management system: get extensive customer profiles with contact details, customer orders history, location notes, payments method, preferred types of boxes/vehicles, reviews, and overall interaction history
  • Fleet management: monitor your vehicles, their productiveness, track routes, select a closer vehicle for the next order, get notifications about vehicle checkups and issues, schedule order pick ups and drop offs to minimize gas consumption
  • Staff management: take control over working faults, monitor efficiency and timely show ups, staff scheduling, salary payments, bonuses, overtimes
  • Blocking (for aggregator apps): business limitation for companies with multiple complaints until further verification is conducted; blocking of customers who break terms of app use or act inappropriately 
  • Task assignment: allocate moving orders to particular groups/crews/companies
  • Order management: transparent orders system, filtering by number/date/crew/company/client, order acceptance/decline, easy order redirection and collection (for packing, for example)
  • Schedule management: a united system of staff vacations and working hours with locations enhanced by accepted/in-progress orders for simple schedule monitoring and creation
  • Income tracking: enhanced financing system for order payments, tax deduction and automatic paying, calculation of bonuses and overtime hours, expense control for fuel, vehicle maintenance, sick leaves, etc.
  • Multiple billing options: possibility to link various payment options: from credit cards and virtual payment systems (like PayPal or Google Play) to cryptocurrency
  • Reports: one-click report creation with clear graphs and numbers for straightforward efficiency monitoring

Benefits for customer

It is worth saying that such benefits as multiple billing options or vehicle tracking can also be included in the list for customers. The possibility of paying for a service comfortably or monitoring the vehicle’s location with all one’s belongings is definitely a great perk!

  • Clear pricing and fare calculator: trust and misunderstanding are the two biggest fears and stoppers for customers in need of moving services. It is usually a mystery how much a move will cost because most companies evaluate the scope with unknown criteria. A mobile app for the moving industry can resolve the mystery by clearly stating a per-kilometer, per-box, or per-kilo fare, as a result giving customers a straightforward answer on the price and pricing policy.
  • GPS tracking and precise drop-off location: sometimes, it is hard to explain the pick-up and drop-off locations; in most cases, it is impossible to know where your stuff is. An app installed on the drivers’, movers’, and clients’ mobile devices helps tracking every move of all parties, guaranteeing safety of the moved items.
  • Notifications: many people forget/miss/mix up the pick-up times or get late to the drop-off points thereby delaying the service providers. With an app, a company can send a push notification to a client with a reminder about any event. Moreover, the app may also inform a client on a free spot with some team (company) or ping the user to pay the bill. In-app notifications are a perfect way for the user to stay up-to-date with their relocation.
  • Order history: clients no longer need to remember the name of a good mover or a company; all contact info can be stored in the orders history inside the movers app solution.
  • Reviews and rankings: word of mouth is one of the most influential factors when clients select a moving company. So an application that includes reviews and ranking (for aggregators) of moving companies that match specific criteria is a convenient, easy, and straightforward tool for clients.

Must-have features for effective movers apps

The must-have features may vary tremendously when you develop on-demand packers and movers app. The list depends on the type of app you are looking for, the roles you expect to use (admits, companies, clients, drivers, packers, etc.), the need the app will be fulfilling (end-to-end move or some aspect of the process), etc. However, a few features that our team of digital consulting in Toronto picked out as must-haves based on the experience of working with AMJ Campbell and cross-team communication in the process. So here is a shortlist.

  1. Registration
  2. Login
  3. Profile filling and editing
  4. Order management (placement, cancellation, acceptance, declining, re-routing)
  5. In-app payments
  6. Adds management (yes, we put it under must-haves because add management systems allow businesses to monetize their applications, hence converging maintenance needs at least)

These are the bare minimum features that every movers app simply must have to function and fulfill its purpose of facilitating the experience. But, for those who do not stop on the minimum and want to follow the moving industry trends to constantly improve, here is another list of the desired or advised features:

  • Dashboard overview
  • Trucks GPS tracking
  • Order management
  • Schedule availability changes
  • Notifications
  • Task assignment
  • Reports
  • Staff management (add, amend, block and delete drivers, packers, movers, companies)
  • Social media integrations (for sign-ups)
  • In-app chats (bots) and calls
  • Integration with insurance companies
  • Blog (CMS) with useful tips
  • Marketing admin panel
  • Cost calculator

To sum up

2021 is a promising year of change for moving companies across the globe. With the steadily increasing CAGR and the established moving industry trends towards the mobile-first approach, the plan of action is straightforward. Go mobile, and do it now, until the world tech companies like Amazon or Google have taken the lead with the new solutions. 

Look through the moving industry news again, consider the pros movers app solution can offer to your company, and get into development to enter the market of movers’ solutions this year. Should you hesitate on the list of features, need assistance with choosing the right tech stack, or require a full-scale team to make your idea go live, contact us. Our team will get back to you with an offer right away.

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