How Modern IT Solutions Drive Team Results


Arranging a collective workload is a major challenge facing enterprises today. Among all the factors that affect team productivity, the availability of a reliable, secure, and intuitive solution built around the unique needs of an enterprise plays a key role. Here are the compelling reasons to consider enterprise mobile app development to drive the results of your team.   

Why Incorporating IT Solutions is a Must Today

Enterprise mobility has a lot of benefits for modern organizations and is proven to boost team results. In particular, it allows:

  •         Remote working
  •         Quick and straightforward access to corporate data
  •         Better operating speed
  •         A higher level of information security

By 2023, the digital transformation is expected to earn about 2.3 trillion dollars.  Some companies are only at the very start of incorporating new IT solutions, while others are already seeing the results. Particularly, digitally mature companies are 26% more profitable than their competitors. This proves the necessity of embarking upon a digital transformation.   

Things to Consider During Digital Transformation

The development of software that would meet the needs of the team and establish the right workflow starts with a scrupulous analysis of the business logic and task dependencies. To give detailed and useful guidelines to software developers, you should clearly understand your current level of mobile transformation maturity, IT trends and emerging technologies, as well as the unique needs of your business and staff. Here are the top things to consider:  

1. Making the tool good for the purpose 

Mobile technologies are developing very quickly: new operation systems, devices, ideas appear constantly. The most important thing to remember is that the best team management software is the one that meets the needs of the staff and your business. Do not concentrate all efforts on implementing massively advertised trendy technologies for their own sake. Your primary task should be using new IT solutions for making the workflow easier and more efficient. 

2. Scalability of the team management platform

Skink strategically envisioning possible scaling of your business. Seek to develop a platform you can expand with additional features and integrate with other solutions in use. Consider leveraging artificial intelligence on the platform too – this will not only streamline the processes but also increase consistency and decrease error. 

3. Usability 

Things to Consider During Digital Transformation

It doesn’t matter how advanced the functionality of the team management app is if the team doesn’t use it. Your team needs the system to be fast and intuitive and, contrary to popular beliefs, backend developers have much to do with this. Do not stop on the implementation stage – constantly seek feedback from the team and use analytics to see if the system is truly in use. 

Make sure the team management platform enhances, not harms the inter-team communication. A recent survey found out the ineffective workplace communication results in a number of such problems as increasing level stress, failure or delay of important projects, losing sales, and more. If necessary establish rules for communication on the platform so that it matches your corporate culture.     

4. Security 

When building a new application, it is important to remember that simplicity should never come at the cost of compromising security. You also need to train staff to more about corporate security to reduce the risks of making mistakes and establish clear rules for using mobile devices with access to corporate data. These questions may help you work out a good policy:

  •         What activities are/aren’t allowed?
  •         What applications must be restricted?
  •         What employees must do if their gadgets are damaged or lost?

You can change the policy over time when you see the first results of its performance. Think also about incorporating push notifications to let the staff know about all the updates.

Our Experience Developing a SaaS Solution for Employee Collaboration

Our Experience Developing a SaaS Solution for Employee Collaboration

Mobile technologies have become an irreplaceable part of our routine and many businesses, small to large, incorporate them into organizations. While large enterprises are seeking customer solutions that would incorporate management of various aspects of business processes, SMEs may benefit from well-developed SaaS solutions like Gopher Leads that ITM House has proudly brought to life. 

Gopher Leads demonstrates well how a good collaboration tool can push the team and its results to the next level. Using a simple-to-use application available for Android and iOS devices, the staff can easily

  • Instantly and securely access the necessary information,
  • Get insights on competitors,
  • Collaborate with the team sharing instant messages and leaving voice notes

Also, the app has an optional am incentive program that helps keep the employees more motivated. As a result of incorporating a Gopher app, the company boosted sales by 221% and managed to increase other important metrics. 

Take an Action

If you want to drive your team results, approach the development of the team management and collaboration tool with all the due responsibility. ITM House is ready to provide quality development and IT consulting services and help you and your team bring about outstanding results for your business. 


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