Case Study

Gopher Leads


A digital transformation

How We Increased Sales by Over 221%

The story

Taking Gopher Leads to The Next Level

The Problem

Gopher Leads had an amazing idea for a collaboration tool that would take teamwork to the next level.

They had the plan and a well-thought-out strategy but needed the right team to develop the platform. 

The Solution

We set up a streamlined and easy to use APP for them on iOS and Android that they could provide to their clients through a subscription service.   

With the Gopher app organizations can mobilize and motivate their entire teams to work together to provide everything from sales leads to insights on competitors by making it easy to share a message or a photo or even a voice note, knowing that it will go to the right people in the organization immediately.

The Gopher app can also provide teams with specific information about what they are looking for, and to make them even more motivated the app has a built-in (optional) incentive program.  

Using the Gopher App Telus Communications was able to post a 41% conversion rate on new leads with 165 new services in 60 days, as well as making the Telus team more unified as the tech and sales teams now work together.

Purolator also started using Gopher Leads as well and this is what they had to say about using Gopher’s ITM House designed software

Productivity Growth

New App/Business


Sales Increase

average from launch


User Growth

one quarter post from launch


Cost Savings

on average


Client Satisfaction

The main purpose of Gopher Leads is to help organizations become more profitable via employee engagement and incentives. ITM House built for us a simple mobile app as SaaS solution for both iOS and Android.

Thanks to their team we have a high-quality product that is in demand and we will continue to turn to them if new products are created.

Sahand Sojoodi – Co-founder and Director Gopher Leads

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