Planit Measuring (Canada)

Spherical (360 degrees) Imagery floor plan integration

The final product was a visual tour-de-force. Users could click on various items or spaces within the floor plan and virtually jump throughout the space. The deliverable consisted of clear and concise hyperlinked icons where users can navigate the virtual space with determined ease.

Planit Measuring is now reaping the benefits of this interactive layout strategy. Existing clients have found it an incredibly effective tool for engaging visitors using a traditional interactive medium. They can sell the space far more effectively.

ITM House made this all possible.

AnimaticMedia (USA)

It was a collaborative effort with AnimaticMedia. ITM House developed worked with clients to develop the backgrounds while AnimaticMedia created the animation constructs, figures, and overall production processes.

ITM House began the process with a sample piece, using the template of a standing living room. Once an approach and style was confirmed, AnimaticMedia crafted the intricate details, utilizing grounded lighting renders and detailed textures for a more powerful effect.

Nissan Altima

ITM House began with some details from Nissan, and ended up providing a near-perfect virtual rendition of the 2016 Nissan Altima. It was a pitch-perfect exterior 3D model using the 3DSMax modeling software.

Apartment in Toronto

ITM House expanded into apartment design in Toronto. An ambitious and inspiring project resulted in a marvelous apartment for a young working professional.

The design was focused predominantly on the utilization of space. This included precise arrangements and accents, taking advantage of every nook within the apartment.

The project required a complete dismantling of the wall separating the kitchen and the living room, opening up the space and stepping fully into contemporary design territory.

An office was created for the husband to indulge in the dream of his very own office and library.

Color-wise, the apartment was fitted with neutral and modern color schemes, predominantly relying on  subtle grays, whites and blacks. The core architectural color was matched with contrasting and bright colored furniture, illuminating that richness in the apartment.

The end result was a full series of 3D renderings, decorated in full and furnished with bright colors, appropriate fixtures, and gorgeous lighting.

House in Toronto

ITM House has crated a virtual home playground. You are able to play with an arsenal of décor-oriented tools, bringing your dream home to virtual reality.

The project required a technical overhaul. On the back-end, ITM House had to create a platform where users can sketch out their individual requirements. The team had to build realistic construction constraints, giving the virtual space a refined zone to work with. This allowed the customer to work within a foundation, without going off the rails in technical details and burdens.

The customer finally had, at their disposal, a full run of technical sections. These include:

  • Arrangement of furniture
  • Floor plan
  • Ceiling plan
  • Lighting plan
  • Outlets plan

The 3D interiors were delicately and finely crafted over months of refinement. The rend result hopefully speaks for itself. Our world class 3D models of homes in Toronto have been shared, engaged with, and mimicked. Our designers built a formidable foundation for virtual home development, allowing users to realize their dreams from the comfort of their home office- soon to be much larger and more impressive.

Exterior Projects’ examples

The platform or program is dream fulfillment, and it is flexible and accommodating enough to incorporate new trends and ideas. What worked 20 years ago may not work today, and the latest fashions could be deemed dated in no time.

Your architectural style can use a massive improvement. First impressions create lasting results, and an eye for class, style, elegance, and color balance will reflect well with any architectural project. You ca utilize the virtual materials we provide. Give your customers the tools they need to shine and modernize their space in a rapidly evolving world.


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