Director of Consulting Organization
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Director of Consulting Organization

Director of Consulting Organization is the most experienced, knowledgeable, and skillful top management professional in the outsourcing IT industry world-wide, with proven business, analytical, technical, and consulting acumen. It is an expert who drives the Consulting Organization’s highly critical and highly ranked engagements and consulting services such as discoveries and assessments, frequently working across all aspects of IT profiles, oversees and controls other consulting services and centers of excellence, works directly with the client C-level stakeholders, business units, and chief architects on the strategic solutions of enterprise level, identifies new high-profile opportunities for the company, represents and markets the company's expertise on the top-level technical and business events, drives specific directions within SAO when delegated by CTO, makes major contributions to the company's consulting methodology and competence development.

  • Lead the Consulting Organization which should be a front organization to collaborate with Business Development and Sale
  • Organizations and engage the potential new clients – pre-sale and sale support of our classical outsourcing services
  • Develop Consulting Organization skillset to be able to consult our existing clients on the digital business transformation and growth, organizational and business processes, and technical excellence by directions – Enterprise Business Architecture, Analysis and Design, BPM and BP Automation, ERP Implementation, Engagement, Program Management, BA, PM, Arch, R&D, Tech, UX, QA, Security and Infrastructure consulting – standalone new consulting services to sell
  • Enable the Consulting Organization to be able to support the back-office to consult, advise, and enrich the internal ongoing projects with Delivery Organizations with additional high-level outsourcing services – the value-add and up-sale functions and support of existing accounts
  • Help firefight and fix the internal ongoing issues or exceptions in our projects within Delivery Organizations – ongoing projects’ troubleshooting
  • Develop new services, proven example of technological excellence, cover the existing gaps, as well as develop new and existing competencies– risk diversification and new business services development
  • Develop and use the ERP methodology, Zachman Business Architecture methodology, SWAT analysis, TOGAF Architecture, BSC/KPI consulting and implementation – new business directions competitive advantages, expansions, and differentiations
  • Re-establish old cooperation, re-engage and restart relationships by all dimensions and levels to ensure new growth and strategic perspectives – strategically safe and alive cooperation on new levels
  • Lead and build High-Performance and Scalable Organization, its optimal and efficient operational processes, and its continuous optimization – constant company efficiency improvement and growth driver
  • Set up a new worldwide ODC, develop partnerships, establish cooperation, and participate in acquisition and industrial networking programs – company global expansions - Reengineer, document, review, and analyze solution architectures using trade-off analysis methodology and other qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis
  • Support the Engagement team in pre-sales providing the technical expertise, architecture vision, and estimates
  • Define implementation road maps and technical backlogs
  • Drive the project bootstrap cooperating with the development team and passing the knowledge and architectural vision to them
  • Choose among the technologies, reference architectures, and patterns and evaluate the candidate solutions based on the objective drivers, constraints, and criteria
  • Train, mentor, and coach technical and consultant leaders
  • Participate in technical marketing of the company, represent the company’s architectural excellence including article publishing, participation in events, and presenting to the clients
  • Travel onsite to perform the client consulting services
  • Ability to envision big picture of a solution, decompose it to the required levels of detail, and generate a consistent and optimal architecture of the solution guided by the set of architectural drivers, principles, and capabilities
  • Ability to critically and objectively review own and other’s design decisions and assumptions
  • Ability to estimate project sizes and efforts accurately enough and with sufficient precision
  • Ability to fully apply all capabilities of the existing hardware and/or software architecture
  • Usage of software verification, validation, revision, and auditing methods
  • Usage of principles to design software architecture and software architecture types, methodologies and software design tools, databases, APIs, and so on
  • Usage of methods and techniques to manage risks, and evaluate complexity, scope of work, and tasks deadlines
  • Usage of fundamental methods and techniques to manage personnel, as well as management decision-making methods
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to talk in technical language with peers and business language with upper and top management
  • Strong coaching and mentoring skills
  • Strong presentation and negotiation skills
  • Strong planning and organizing skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Conflict management skills
  • 15+ years of experience in IT software development
  • 10+ years of experience in enterprise/cloud level infrastructure development and support
  • 7+ years of experience in management
  • 5+ years of experience in consulting services leadership

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