ECM, CRM, EMR, Web portals

You need a new ECM, CRM, EMR or other backend web portal. We’ll get you there. We take many steps to ensure the efficiency of the final product such as meeting with you on a regular basis to review milestones, fully managing your project, and prioritizing the most challenge development stages first.

Websites & Rich Internet Apps

No half measures with website and internet app development. It’s what we believe at ITM House. Launching incomplete apps is a recipe for disaster; one you can’t afford as a competitive 21st century business. Our development process is thorough, comprehensive, and based on extensive experience.

Cross-platform (Hybrid) Development

Apps are often developed across multiple platforms for a particular target market. As a full stack Toronto mobile and web application development company, we are capable of developing robust cross-platform apps with Appcelerator, React Native, NativeScript, or other development tools.

Mobile Enterprise Solutions

With the workforce of today being more mobile than ever, mobile enterprise solutions must provide efficient and secure access to workplace tools. We can work toward developing your ideal enterprise solutions that are accessible, easy to work with, interactive, and compliant with your security.

iOS, Android, Windows Apps

There is an app for everything, from ordering pizza to requesting new medical subscriptions. Few companies are absent in the mobile app world, which makes it more important than ever to first create web and mobile apps, then make them truly shine by customizing them to your users’ needs.

Documenting Services

If your organization is regulated or otherwise requires a document control system as a part of your quality assurance testing, we can create one for you. Our documenting services are customized for the needs of your organization, including following what may be stringent best practices and standards.

Test Automation

Implementing test automation will allow you to further improve your products. We can implement an automated full suite of tests that will help you pinpointflaws long after we have left the project. We want to put you in a position where your products are constantly pushed towards the best that they can be.

Web & Mobile App

Our quality assurance testing is guaranteed to significantly improve your current or upcoming web & mobile app products so that you can go above and beyond customer expectations. Areas that we cover include security testing, performance testing, functional testing, compatibility testing, usability testing and more.

Dedicated Testing Team

There are too many things to do at your organization to have a dedicated testing team. That’s where we step in and serve that role for you – saving you countless hours, all at a highly efficient cost. Systematic and persistent quality testing will keep your apps and products in the upper echelon.

Technology Strategy

Unlike other firms that frequently try to act as an expert in every IT field, we focus on what we do best. This guarantees efficiency and effectiveness no matter which of our consulting services that you choose. Hire us to manage your critical IT projects or get expert guidance from some of the best in their field.

User Funnels &Segmentation

Find out much more about your users and improve your conversions with the use of funnels and segmentation. Gain new insights about your target market, identify your most profitable customers, find out new ways to improve your conversion rates, and capture leads more effectively.

Sensor Nodes & Network Topology

We’ve designed network topologies for multiple types of IoT channels including Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi, iBeacon and others. Through these channels we connect our clients’ devices to the internet, allowing them to expand into new areas of growth and targeted marketing.

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