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Top 10 Cities for Web Developers

1 December 2015

As a web developer, you should take many things into consideration when defining a good place to work because your location is important for a future career. Keep in mind such factors as salary rates, job opportunities, events, activities, and community when determining the best city to live and work.


Best Mobile Apps development tools and software

20 November 2015

Mobile application development is a set of specific procedures and processes involved in creating software for small and wireless computing devices, such as tablets and smartphones. It’s quite similar to standard software development, but the main difference is that mobile apps are written to benefit from the unique features of particular devices.


ITM House attended "Outsource People 2015" conference in Kiev

16 November 2015

October 23-24, held the main event of the year on business outsourcing in software development - Conference Outsource People 2015. Presentable room Ramada Hotel Kyiv gathered more than 700 people from the Ukrainian IT-outsourcing community. Organizers tried fairly - about 2015 Outsource People knew all the pros, even those who did not come to this loud event this year. It was a live conference with 3 lines of topics: Sales, Project management and Business strategy.


Top 10 free rendering software and plugins for sketchup

13 November 2015

Do you want to breathe more life into your architectural and other designs? Then you should start using special sketchup rendering programs to add different elements and convert your design into a great image. Most of them are paid, but you can still find free versions, such as the following.


Best Google Chrome tools and extensions for Web Developers

9 November 2015

Nowadays, Chrome is one of the most popular browsers chosen by many web developers because of its excellent performance, efficient built-in features, and other benefits, but the main reason why you should consider its use is a wide pool of extensions.


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