Radeco Energy Solutions

We’ve developed iOS & Android mobile applications as well as API integrated into the core control system. User are able to adjust timing and temperature of heating/cooling per room as desired, check idle times and overall consumption by zones, as well as control Radeco wireless radiator actuators (Thermostatically controlled wireless motorised actuators on each radiator) to manage space heating in accordance with the occupancy pattern of the building delivering comfort and saving energy on daily basis.

Site : http://www.radeco.ie/


Web based gage management software for enterprise-level metrological management with a quantity of operational metrological tools from a few to several thousand units.

This solution automates all metrological works on an enterprise, accounts all assets and gauges, and helps planning, optimizing and managing different aspects of an enterprise-level metrological service.

Some of the features:

Maintenance and calibration software tools.

Basic Gage Entry – the main record for each gauge allowing tracking its issue and location.

Measurement Detail – tracking measurement methods and procedures implemented with a gage.

Calibration Schedules – detailed work orders and time scheduling for gauge calibration.

Clalibration tracking – controlling different aspects and exact time of particular gage calibration.

Planning and controlling metrological activity including gauge management.

Managing additional metrological operations.

Inventory Management – tracking, reporting and managing stored inventory assets.

Creating reports and analyzing the effectiveness of metrological operations.

Enterprise asset management.

Site : http://www.gazprom.com/


International loyalty fuel card, built fully customizable CRM integrated into the work-flow and mobile

Site : https://e100.eu/

Smart Bin

Build full intelligent monitoring system with IoT Fill-level sensors integration.

SmartBin’s Intelligent Monitoring solution enables waste management and recycling companies to optimize their collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resources . It’s done by deploying SmartBin wireless ultrasonic sensors to a wide range of containers, and using the data intelligence to drive operational efficiencies including optimized routes, asset tracking and cost analysis. SmartBin sensors leverage the latest in IoT and cellular network technologies.

Site : https://www.smartbin.com/

Moscow Water supply company

We’ve developed the system for mobile meter management, that’s used by 70 field employees to monitor 120,000 meters on the territory of 70,000 clients (wholesale distributors to another 20M consumers), consists of admin dashboard, android mobile app and an employee portal, whereas:

Mobile app – AI devise run algorithm (local, no server calls) to read meter readings by photo (electric & mechanical) and push the data to employee to verify (then billing), as well as e-sign (location, employee, time, picture) for validation and litigation purposes (if the reading is said to be incorrect by client/end-user of utility), as well as has various add-ons such as meter control (stamp, damage record, malfunction, etc), instructions, photo verification, routing (from one meter to anther), and few others.

Employee portal = office engineers control and validate the data from 70 field employees, whereas they can check: deviation from daily/monthly reading norm, broken/malfunctioning meters, check billing data, total usage, etc, whereas main feature is route optimization as the city keeps growing and adding new buildings/meters to it’s water supply pipeline more complex routes been calculated taking in consideration public transport schedules, walking distance, overall daily track, current KPI/speed, experience, general characteristics of employee (age, gender, etc) to optimize the execution.

Dashboard – all analytical data / KPIs on various employee metrics, benchmarked and represented against in salary/days/bonuses/etc

Here is the CS (old):
https://www.dropbox.com/s/wtqnkjgq9luvnmq/AOIS.pdf?dl=0 (more up to date)

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