Venue Management and Social Apps
Venue management and media is one of the fastest evolving and most demanding business enterprises globally. Only businesses who consult with the top software development providers in Toronto can elevate their image and brand. Software is a momentous tool towards achieving company innovation.

There is little room for errorin the media and entertainment industry. Too many power players are involved for your company to lack the latest systems. Customized venue management and social app development in Torontocan alleviate these concerns, providing a platform for employees, customers, and others who work with your business.

Our customized software can accomplish a number offunctions, from transaction facilitation to convenience features for customers, to tracking of traffic sources through multiple channels.

We are a trusted software provider in the venue management space. Through years of experience, we have finely crafted software that can elevate your business and keep you on the cusp of innovation and technology.

We buildvenue management software with an end-to-end support system, from the stages of initial design and development to the later stages of continued support, system tracking and further innovation.

We follow through with the whole spectrum of tasks that are required to develop impactful systems in this accelerated industry. It can streamline your processes and deliver a competitive advantage over the army of competing media and entertainment providers.

Your software will help you expand into more customized user experiences with traffic monitoring and tracking and other technological leaps in your industry.Top-tier tracking and innovative analytics make sure that every step you make is profitable.

Restaurant Management
Big Data Analytics
Omni channel Communication
Gamification and Geofenced Messaging
Custom Event & Venue Apps
White Menu
On the White Menu restaurant project, we developed a compound solution that included an interactive electronic restaurant menu.
Features included online ordering, a CMS to manage dishes, news, ingredients and web content, a POS system module for product tracking and more.
The client appreciated our commitment to developing an efficient, fully featured solution for their restaurant management needs.
Restaurant Management

Modern restaurants need modern apps and software to manage their volume and improve the speed of their business. ITM House builds fully customized restaurants software systems that are intuitive.

Big Data Analytics

Many businesses can benefit from the implementation of big data analytics software to grapple with huge quantities of data and turn it into a valuable and viable asset for growth and efficiency.

Flower Power:
For Flower Power, we developed their home garden assistant app which offered a variety of innovative features and large data library.
Big Data
Features included a vast libraryof 300 houseplants, detailed information about them, geo-referenced notifications about each houseplant and more.
Vast Features
Flower Power was pleased with the vast range of features that were offered in this app and how engaging it was for their customers.
Beam & M-Deputy
For Beam and M-Deputy we developed new omni-channel features that improved efficiency and enhanced customer experiences.
We completed the requested features in a reasonable time frame with frequent updates and a commitment to efficient development.
Omni channel Communication

Omnichannel communication features can result in a much improved customer experience with a greater level of personalization, similar to what a customer would receive in person.

Gamification and Geofenced Messaging

Innovative geofenced messaging apps and software can enhance the interactivity of your business and allow for unique features. We also have extensive experience with gamification to improve interactivity.

Sumtu& 3 million dogs
On the Sumtu project we created an app that allowed users to meet strangers around them no matter where they were.
It allowed users to find out if they had been noticed and to also make approaching in public easier before an introduction was made.
Sumtu was pleased with how we were able to efficiently turn their vision into reality and the clear expertise that we had.
Eve Tab& ISNR
For the Eve Tab project, we developed an app that allowed nightclub owners to allow select patrons to gain VIP on-demand service.
New Features
The app allowed clients to pre-pay for their bar tab and other features to assist them with generating more sales and getting new customers.
The client was satisfied with how polished and efficiently designed this new app/service was right out of the box and how useful it was for attracting sales.
Custom Event & Venue Apps

We develop fully customized event and venue management apps for the specific needs of each business, whether the goal is for streamlined business operations, customer loyalty and more.

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