Public & Sector Regulations
Public sector software is specifically-tailored to meet the unique demands of leaders in governments and municipalities. The demands are unlike most other industries, often with stringent data regulation requirements, careful record keeping, vast paperwork requirements and more.

Public sector organizations are continually restricted by demands and stipulations that are non-existent in many other industries which inevitably lengthen processes. As a government organization, there alsomay be an overall lack of support or modernity in your technological infrastructure. Our public sector software specifically caters to your needs.

Our software offers a new platform for greater flexibility and improved efficiency. With modernized websites, reporting features, employee or publicly available apps, and customized backends/ECMs, government bodies can reduce costs by lowering paperwork and automating a variety of processes.

No matter what your requirements are in the public sector or government space, we are capable of helping you get there on time. We have worked on a range of projects to assistmunicipalities with developing a more efficient operation, from Electronic Document Management Systems to Automation Information Systems, public and private websites, employee and public apps, and many others.

Our fully customized public sector and government software can be developed to combine multiple processes under a single umbrella, delivering streamlined accessibility for team members and customers.

For instance, our Electronic Document Management Systems can be fully customized for the needs of your organization to automate bureaucratic procedures, eliminate paperwork, save many hours of time, manage sensitive documents, and improve information accessibility for the public.

Our public sector budgeting software can manage costs at a very-specific level with detailed reporting. Modules can be developed to monitor and record agency billing processes to improve flexibility, enhance compliance and allow for the efficient retrieval of financial data. Any discrepancies will stick out with a fully-featured system that tracks expenditures and reduces liabilities.

These are just a few examples of what our software solutions can do for government organizations.

The public sector is wide-reaching and sometimes difficult to manage, yet properly designed software can ease these burdens.Manage the intricate demands of federal stipulations and restrictions that can stifle organizations that lack a quality system to process it all.

City Council – HRM St. Petersburg Council
City Council – ECM Duma
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This client enjoyed the results they were immediately able to see after this system was developed, along with our understanding of their requirements.
City Council – HRM St. Petersburg Council

We developed an Automation Information System for the executive authorities of St. Petersburg in order to lower paperwork, enhance employee productivity and more. Our solution featured an intuitive user interface, report generation abilities, education module, anti-corruption model and more.

City Council – ECM Duma

On this project, we developed a full Electronic Document Management System for Moscow City that included a website, secure corporate website, two mobile applications, as well as a content management system. The applications were developed for both the public and deputies, allowing for improved coordination and communication.

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The client was satisfied with how robust this system was and how it streamlined their operations dramatically.
Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your industry and drive your specific business goals.
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