Energy & Utility
Obstacles and modern challenges in the energy and utility spaces industries have resulted in sweeping new changes. Energy software development from one of the top firms in the world can revitalize your systems to get you ahead of the curve.

The current energy industry faces variety of obstacles in multiple markets throughout the world. Companies are tackling stringent environmental regulations, struggles to maintain modernity, and increasing operational costs that often result from a lack of technology and software systems. It is enabling a few big companies to dominate the space, leaving little room for smaller entities.

The intense competition in the energy space requires attention to developing adequate software solutions for your company to continue to control your market and appeal to users. This may include full design, development, and implementation of software and apps that caters to new user demands or regulatory requirements. Logistics also need to be seamlessly addressed and tracked.

Our Toronto custom software development for the energy industry can firmly enter your company into the present competitive field, highlighting your valuable products and services and improving their accessibility while being able to deliver them far more efficiently.

Our software systems come with a long-term partnership as required, building a technology driven relationship that can power your efforts for years to come. Our comprehensive experience in the industry has helped us fine-tune our efforts towards operational excellence.

You can achieve infrastructure agility, create accessible portal systems for employees, and develop apps and solutions that are rich in tracking features, metrics and data. Your new resources will improve the customer experience and increase operational efficiency.

Efficient software helps your company fight against mounting industry obstacles.Our deep and technical understanding of your industry will allow us to develop versatile and fully customized software systems.To achieve optimal results against tight profit margins, we strive for perfection with your software needs.

Intelligent Remote Monitoring System
Metrology ECM Portals
Billing & Mobile Meter Management Systems
Mobile Data Collection
Custom mUtility Applications
On the SmartBin project, we were able to improve their logistics by developing route optimization and fleet management software that integrated IoT sensors as well as open maps.
The solution included predictive analytics and assisted the client with a greener, and more efficient overall operation.
Skilled Results
SmartBin was satisfied with how we were able to assist them with such a wide range of tasks and our unique development skill.
Intelligent Remote Monitoring System

Our software and apps for energy and utility companies can be developed to be fully compatible with IoT devices and also can manage any big data requirements that firms may require.

Metrology ECM Portals

Our metrology ECM portals are tailored to the unique needs of each energy and utility company that we work with, ensuring that every required feature is included and that each system is seamless.

For Gazprom, a global energy company, we created web-based gauge management software with a variety of tools and automation features.
New Features
It automated a variety of metrological operations and assisted with managing a variety of aspects on the enterprise level for this vast energy company.
Time Saving
Gazprom remarked about how we saved them a substantial amount of time with a fully-featured gauge management solution.
Minsk & Moscow Water Supply Co
For the Moscow Water Supply Company we developed a full system for mobile meter management that was used by 120,000 meters on a territory of 70,000 clients.
New Features
It included a mobile app, employee portal, and admin dashboard fully equipped with analytics, metrics, data validation, and much more.
Detailed System
The client was highly impressed at the speed of the execution of this project despite how detailed the system ended up being.
Billing & Mobile Meter Management Systems

Many energy and utility companies can benefit from the development of updated or new billing and mobile meter management systems for superior monitoring, greater accuracy, and new features.

Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection is invaluable for energy and utility companies. We streamline your business with innovative mobile data collection apps that allow for better data management and access efficiency.

AMJ Campbell & E100
For AMJ Campbell, Canada’s largest moving company, we created a user-friendly app that included a moving organizer, scheduler, user locator, box and price calculator.
New Features
Users could schedule their move ahead of time with the best date, receive a quote, and an email confirmation once scheduled.
AMJ Campbell chose our firm as a result of our extensive experience with developing similar apps and were highly pleased with the product.
For Radeco, we created Android and iOS mobile applications and an integrated API.The apps allowed users to adjust the temperature of heating and cooling in each room.
More Features
Other features included consumption checking, control of wireless radiator actuators to manage space heating, energy cost savings and more.
Exceeded Expectations
Radeco was highly pleased with how their apps were developed on time and how we exceeded their expectations with them.
Custom mUtility Applications

We can create fully customized mUtility applications depending on the needs of the business. Apps can be developed to work seamlessly with products and provide modern features for customers.

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