E-learning and digital management systems are integral to the present and the future of education. The industry is being restructured based on the growth of education software development in Toronto. New companies are adding feature-rich software systems to make learning easier than ever before.

Educational institutions are in a Renaissance of technological development. The prosperity of e-learning is inspiring. Clients are craving systems where they can compete with the best in online developmental learning, videoconferencing, and other software features that build a fast-moving and progressive educational environment.

Learning software must go above industry learning standards to supply a platform for growth and success with each unique student base. E-learning tools may include virtual classrooms, social media integration, and live-chatting across multiple channels. All of these tools contribute to efficient learning and help set a gold standard in education and e-learning.

You can be at the forefront of this transition in the educational industry by placing added emphasis on e-learning tools that maximize student engagement and promote long-term success for students in your organization.

Our education software development in Toronto is spearheaded by data and a focus on intuitive, efficient designs. We aim to retain and engage students with an educational platform they feel inspired by.

Our educational software development services are setting up the exact features that you need, to give it the necessary depth to compete in the educational marketplace. Online portals or management systems can be fully customised the exact way you need them.

Efficiently designed systems reduce duplicate data and cumbersome entries. Our process leads to a clean system for tracking and maintaining content, progress reporting, learning analytics and other features as required by your organization.

Features for e-learning systems may include live conferencing, multi-channel communication, email integration, and interactive presentations. The options are virtually endless. What direction do you wish to take your institution? Find a few examples of our successful prior educational projects below.

Corporate Training Portal
In Depth Analytics
Learning Personalization
For Kiddology, we developed a full range of online platforms for kids including 5 iPad games. The games were tested and designed to be engaging for the users.
These apps were feature-rich and innovative and integrated the characters and concepts from the client.
The client had very specific requirements for this series of games and platforms and we met all of them, and they were pleased with our development speed.

M-learning or mobile learning is the latest trend in education, facilitated by the use of electronic devices. We can develop modern, intuitive, and interactive m-learning apps for any needs.

Corporate Training Portal

ITM House builds fully customized corporate training portals to allow organizations to maintain current training requirements and develop new programs easily as required.

Nancy Hospitality & E-Deputy City Assembly
For these clients we created feature-rich and intuitive corporate training portals.
They were impressed with how quickly we were able to complete these portals with the features that they required.
For Gopher we created a mobile app that allowed for employees to obtain new intelligence and leads with in-depth analytics
Gopher was satisfied with our efficiency and responsiveness throughout the project, along with constant updates on the progress.
In Depth Analytics

Our educational software and apps feature in-depth analytics that allow managers to obtain detailed information about their organization, content usage, and traffic and other metrics.

Learning Personalization

ITM House creates personalized learning systems that are designed for the specific needs of each organization. Prototypes and full production systems can be built from the ground up.

On the Mobtath project, we created an online enrollment portal for Middle Eastern students who were planning on attending universities in the UK
It featured course selection options and convenient payment for visa, travel, and dormitories. Information about each university option was provided.
For the London School of Business and Finance, we developed the core modules of a full university management system.
Weautomated many processes from admission to graduation and simplified student management for the staff and stakeholders.

ITM House develops comprehensive and intuitive e-learning systems that streamline processes, improve automation and content access, and allow for more efficient organizational management. All systems are fully customized.

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